First Meetup at a pub quiz

So last night I got my new life off to a great start with a trip to a local ‘Meetup’ at a pub quiz. I was very apprehensive, not really about not drinking, just about the new social situation, especially as I’d been warned that although this group is for 20s-30s that the majority of people are at the lower end… Turns out that both of these ideas were unfounded. Everyone was lovely and I was made to feel very welcome by the host. The pub quiz was at a local hipster cafe/bar so not drinking was not even an issue as a lot of people had driven and were drinking everything from smoothies to coffee. Out of the 12 or so of us there I’m not even sure that anyone was drinking (I didn’t check peoples’ glasses 🙂 but it definitely wasn’t obvious if they were…

The one thing I’ve noticed not drinking is how much people talk about drinking. As always I am not judging on this one as I’m sure I was exactly the same. People seem to need to establish what other people’s drinking habits are… I was sat next to a lovely girl who told me she’d had a can of Desperados before she came out (again not judging as in the past I would have done the same) and then proceeded to talk quite a lot about going out drinking and hangovers. I was intrigued by one guy who said that he enjoyed drinking less these days. The girl next to me again tried to ask me if I drank much these days and I just replied with, ‘Not much’. I know that others like to wear their not drinking like a badge of honour or a status that needs to be announced with a fanfare and that is fine for them, all power to them! I have recently decided that I don’t feel that my drinking or not drinking is something I have to disclose/confess to other people! It’s my business!

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